About Us

Who we are

The Institute of Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS), an autonomous organization based in Kolkata, India was founded in 2010 with a commitment to study the social and cultural issues at right context on the basis of their historical and geographical position thereby promoting social and national integration with an approach to International understanding.

  • Promoting social and national integration through positive action for integration of all sections of people including the deprived sections.
  • Preserving and arranging for documentation of heritage that devolves by right of inheritance both tangible and intangible irrespective of country or race.
  • Preserving and developing geo cultural areas - The Himalayas, Far South, South-East Asia, Central Asia etc.
  • Creating awareness on ecological balance.

  • Extending help for preservation and restoration of art, literature, manuscript, heritage sites & popular public places.
  • To study any subject with appropriate research methodology to find its impact on the policy matters of the state.
  • Promoting research and academic activities.
  • Publication of books, magazines, journals, periodicals.
  • Promoting International understanding.

ISCS maintains relationship with Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs and other Government divisions to meet its objectives. From time to time, delegates of ISCS visit countries of South-East Asia, Central Asia and East Africa and is able to establish a special bonding with these countries by organizing seminars, symposiums, exhibitions etc.

Generally the symposiums, seminars are held on the burning issues in order to reach to a conclusive point which will help in deciding the policy matters.

We regularly undertake research on socio-cultural subjects by our team of scholars.

Dissemination of research findings is done through publications in the form of books, monographs and occasional folders, seminar volumes etc.



ISCS appreciates the diversity that lies at the heart of every culture and finds inspiration in the richness that rests at the core of nations. That is one of the reasons why ISCS seeks to promote social and national integration through positive action like documenting heritage, preserving and developing geo-cultural areas, creating awareness about ecological balance, and promoting research and academic activities.


All-inclusive approach of ISCS is to seek and move beyond the racial, cultural, social and geographical boundaries. As an organization that seeks to promote social and national integration, ISCS is committed to the study of social and cultural issues within their context that includes their historical and geographical perspectives.